PLA Holiday 2022 Collection

Holiday Nails Just In Time For Christmas At PLA Inc.

Rockin’ Around With Christmas Gel Nails From Paris Lash Academy 

It’s that time of year again and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with clients searching for Christmas gel nail designs before their family trips. With PLA’s new Holiday Collection, you’ll be ready to offer beautiful holiday nail colors and spread some Christmas cheer to all your customers. 

Ring In The New Year With Jolly Holiday Nail Designs 

With 36 different colors, each available as a Gel Polish, a Lacquer Polish, or a Gel + Lacquer Duo, you are sure to create designs as beautiful as any rose garden — even Gram Gram’s! Each bottle in the collection is 15mL, 10-free, and should be used in a professional 3-step gel system!

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