Setting Your Eyelash Extension Prices

You’re too expensive. Your prices are too cheap. Why do extensions cost so much? Don’t sell yourself short. Are you running any specials? Girl, you should raise your eyelash extension prices!

We’ve heard it all, am I right!? 

Pricing in the lash industry is a very hot topic. For a beginner artist, it can be a struggle to set a starting eyelash extension price. For veteran artists, it’s a battle of raising prices or knowing when to do so. The list goes on and on; however, setting prices is not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all decision.

Eyelash extensions are considered a luxury service. It’s the beauty industry, tedious work, and you’re providing a service to an individual. Setting prices is a tough decision, so let’s break down the components you need to consider when determining your prices.

eyelash extension price

Studio Rent vs At-Home Lashing

  • Do you have to pay both studio rent and your mortgage?
  • Do you work commission or hourly at a studio?
  • Do you lash from home and not pay to rent a booth/salon/suite?

Lash Vendor/Supplier

Every lash supplier is different when it comes to cost. It depends on their wholesale supplier; it’s a domino effect. Where you order your eyelash extension supplies will impact your costs per set:

  • Do you order less expensive supplies from a local distributor or maybe Amazon?
  • Do you order topnotch, name brand supplies?
  • Do you order from overseas?
  • How busy are you; do you have to reorder often?
  • How much are shipping costs to you?

Training Can Affect Eyelash Extension Prices

There are so many resources or courses out there to take to become a certified lash tech. Each course offers different end results, therefore, when you take your education into play your pricing will vary from other artists:

  • Are you trained only in classics?
  • Have you taken multiple courses in advanced artistry?
  • Did you take a local course, online course, or pay travel expenses to attend a specific course?
  • How many courses have you taken?
  • How much was your training kit?

PLA Pro Tip: we always recommend raising your eyelash extension prices after a new certification or course.


Your geographic location highly impacts your price point. A lash tech lashing in the heart of Miami with a population of a million people may charge more than someone in a rural, small town with a population of 100,000.

One of our top tips is to look at the pricing of the 5 most popular lashing salons in your area, and average out their pricing to set your prices.

Specialty Sets

In this ever-growing industry, lash artists and getting more creative with their sets. Colored sets are trending, spiked/falsie-inspired sets are trending, wispy Kim K inspired sets are trending. Artists who may be more experienced are offering unique sets and therefore charging more.

  • Do you offer one style?
  • Do you offer all styles?
  • Are you offering special sets, such as colored extensions?


This category to consider also varies per artist.

  • Are you paying to run ads, such as promoted posts on Instagram or Facebook ads?
  • Business cards, price menus, loyalty cards, car decals, apparel, the list goes on.
  • If you’re at a studio, does the company run the advertising and help generate clientele for you?
  • Are you paying for a website?
  • Are you paying for a booking app, editing apps, etc?
  • Are you paying for logo creation, GMB, and other tools?


Your education and time spent in the industry can impact your eyelash extension prices along the way. We’ve all been there: starting at a lower price point as we build a portfolio and get our businesses up and running. Then, we raise prices at different career milestones we reach.

  • How long have you been lashing?
  • Are you a beginner or master artist?
  • Are you an artist and educator?

Personal Pay - Your Salary

We also have to keep in mind our own personal needs. We have lives: spouses, kids, everyday bills to pay. You have to determine what your time is worth!

  • Do you want to factor in $25 per hour for yourself, or $50? $75?
  • What needs do you and your family have and what will it take to meet those needs?
  • Are you lashing part time hours or full time hours?
  • Are you considering paid time off for potential sick days, vacation, holidays?
  • Do you need to factor in mileage and gas driving to work for your personal vehicle?
  • Are you providing yourself insurance, such as life policy, medical benefits?

It can be a lot to take in, but you’ve got this babe! Take it day by day as you determine your path in this industry. Again, this is not a one-size-fits-all situation! Don’t compare yourself to others, because as you can see now there are so many factors in determining a price point for lash artists.

Happy Lashing, Kings and Queens!