CAMELLIA 5D Fan 0.07 ProMade (Box of 475-530 fans)

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* 100% hand made 5D fans made from top quality lashes ( soft, black and flexible, not stiff, plastic looking lashes.

Beautiful wispy handmade fans .


* Length:







* Curl: CC

* Half box : goes by weight . Approximately 475 to 530 fans / box.

* Minimal adhesive used for the best bonding results.

Disclaimer: our fans are 100 percent handmade so they are not identical. Full of personality and create by a lash artist to help you speed up the process. We have a team that handmade our fans so they would be if you premade your own fans by yourself. They have minimum adhesive to ensure small base but a few may break during transport ( usually just around 3 fans /box)

Due to high volume sale, we DO NOT count our fans anymore but we weight them using a special scale to make sure they are between 475 to 530 fans / box.

 Due to Covid-19, we can't secure a supply source for the pink silicone pad we have been sending with loose fans order. We apologize for the inconvenience.