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Gram Gram’s Rose Garden Nail Collection offers high-shine and light pastel hues that can be used for a professional 3-step gel system. After applying the base coat, cure the gel polish under an LED lamp, finishing with the top coat. Matching nail lacquers need to air dry.

Each color is available as a Gel Polish, a Lacquer Polish, or a Gel + Lacquer Duo!

Fast Facts:

  • Available in Gel and Lacquer
  • 10-Free
  • Pastel
  • Muted Pink Shade
  • 15 mL

All PLA Nail Products are 10-free! This means that PLA Nail Products do not contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or toluene, also known as the “Toxic Trio”. They are also free of formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens, xylene, phthalates, fragrances, or animal ingredients.

As the nail industry ages, there are more nail technicians reporting headaches, breathing problems, linking to toxic nail products and chemicals in their working environment. It is PLA's mission to bring you high quality products that are toxin free, both with our water based nail polish and 10-free gel polish.

PLA Lacquer

PLA Nail Polish is a water based nail polish and is nontoxic. We love them for having no odor. The pros of PLA Lacquer Polish is that is long lasting and extremely durable. The chemical solvents found in most nail polish are replaced by water in PLA polish, making it toluene and formaldehyde-free. Please note, as it is 75% water, it does take longer to dry versus traditional oil based nail polish. PLA Lacquer Polish works best when applied to natural nails.

Fast Facts:

  1. Water Based Nail Polish

  2. Completely free of toxins

  3. Chip resistant

  4. 15 ml

Lacquer Directions:

Paint nail polish on natural nails.

If letting air dry, please allow up to two minutes to dry. Water based nail polish can take longer to dry due to the water in the ingredients.

We encourage you to use a fan to dry nails in between each layer.

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