Tint Kit

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The PLA Tint Kit comes with everything you need specifically for lash tints. This kit is perfect to pair with the PLA Lash Lift Kit. We suggest using Tint for lashes and brows before the Nourish (Step 3) of any PLA Lash Lift or Brow Lamination Kit.

Kit Contains:

  • No. 1 Black Belmacil Tint
  • No. 2 Blue Black Belmacil Tint
  • No. 3 Dark Brown Belmacil Tint
  • No. 3.1 Light Brown Belmacil Tint
  • No. 3.3 Honey Brown Belmacil Tint
  • Belmacil Oxydant 3%
  • PLA Tint Dish
  • PLA Protective Eye Guard
  • PLA Lash MakeUp Bag

Fast Facts:

  • Tint lasts up to 6-8 weeks
  • Supplies for Lash and Brow Tint
  • Purchase the kit to save 20% off all items in kit
  • Additional discounts can not be applied

Warning: This product is intended for professional use only.