PLA Lash Lift 10 Shot Pack

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The PLA Lift 10 Shot Pack offers you 10 of each Lift Lotion Sachets, allowing you to service up to 20 clients. This includes 10 Perm Lotions, 10 Set Lotions, and 10 Nourish Lotions. Each sachet contains enough lotion for two clients, but must be used within 24 hours of opening.

Fast Facts:

  • Up to 20 services per pack
  • Results can last up to 8 weeks
  • All products are vegan and cruelty-free

    Lash Lift Prep Directions:

    Patch Test

    To minimize the risk of an irritation or reaction, perform a patch test on the skin 48-72 hours prior to service. Test all products behind the ear or in the crook of the arm by placing a small amount of each product and leave on the skin for ten minutes.

    Assess Lashes

    Lashes must be processed using the correct timing to prevent damage from overprocessing. Processing time for Lift and Set are both 5-8 minutes depending on hair type:

    Very Fine Lashes - 5 minutes



    MSDS |MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                                  

    Section 1 – Chemical Product and Company Identification


    Lash Lift  Step 3


    1285 Financial Blvd

    Reno, Nevada




    Lash Lift  Step 3


    Section 2 – Composition and Ingredient Information


    Ingredient Component Name

    Aqua 7732-18-5

    2-Ethylhexyl Palmitate 29806-73-3

    Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer 25038-32-8

    Vitamin E 2074-53-5

    Avocado oil 8024-32-6

    Keratin 68238-35-7

    Phenoxyethanol 122-99-6

    Cetearyl Alcohol 67762-27-0

    Glycerol Monostearate 31566-31-1


    Section 3 – Hazards Identification  


    Hazard Risk Classification






    Eye: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes and obtain medical advice


    Skin:  No expected adverse effects, if there is discomfort, wash with water, seek medical attention


    Inhalation: No harm from vapors appear at normal working temperature. If a reaction to odours occur move client to inhale fresh air and consult a doctor immediately


    Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water and obtain medical advice or consult with poison control. do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person






    Section 4 – First Aid Measures



    No harm from vapors appear at normal working temperature. If a reaction to odours occur move client to inhale fresh air and consult a doctor immediately


    Eye Contact

    Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes and obtain medical advice


    Skin Contact

    Immediately wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly.



    Consult a doctor immediately.







    Section 5 – Fire Fighting Measures


    Specific Hazard


    Flash Point



    Auto Ignition temperature


    Flammable/Explosive Limits-lower%



    Flammable/Explosive Limits-upper%



    Hazardous Decomposition Materials



    Suitable Extinguishing Media

    Dry powder, chemical foam, carbon dioxide, Water mist


    Protective Equipment

    Wear a self-contained respiratory protective device.


    Hazardous combustion products



    Unusual fire or explosion hazard



    Section 6 – Accidental Release Measures


    Environmental precautions

     Do not empty into drains. If the product contaminated lakes, rivers or sewages, inform appropriate authorities in accordance with local regulations


    Disposal and Clean Up

    Remove by liquid absorbing material. Adhered or collected material should be promptly disposed of.


    Personal Precautions

    Protective equipment and emergency procedures Ensure adequate ventilation








    Section 7 – Handling and Storage


    Handling Precautions

    Keep away from heat and fire.

    Keep indoor ventilation or local exhaust device

    Avoid sun exposure




    Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Keep containers secretly closed when not in use. Keep in cool, do not store with incompatible material

    Section 8 – Exposure Controls and Personal Protection

    Engineering Controls

    Provide adequate ventilation. Where reasonably practicable, this should be achieved by the use of local exhaust ventilation and good general extraction. If these are not sufficient to maintain concentrations of particulates and solven vapour below the OEL, suitable respiratory protection must be worn


    Respiratory Protection

    No special protection is required under normal conditions. Wear a filter mask when necessary


    Skin Protection

No special protection is required under normal conditions. Wear protective glasses when necessary



    Eye/Face protection

    Do not get into eyes. No special protection is required under normal condition


    Section 9 – Physical and Chemical Properties


    Physical State






    Specific Gravity


    Boiling Point


    Flash Point




    Evaporation Rate(Ether=1)


    Ignition Temperature


    Melting/Freezing Point




    Vapour Density


    Vapour Pressure


    Volatile Organic Compound(EPA Method24)



    Section 10 – Stability and Reactivity



    Stable under recommended storage conditions


    Conditions to Avoid

    High Temperature


    Incompatible Materials

    Strong oxide, acid and alkali



    Hazardous Polymerization



    Hazardous decomposition











    Section 11– Toxicological Information   

    Acute toxicity: No information found.
    Skincorrosion/irritation: No information found.
    Seriouseyedamage/irritation: No information found.                                                                   Respiratory or skin sensitisation: No information found.                                                                          Germcellmutagenicity: No information found.
    Carcinogenicity:No information found.   
     Reproductive toxicity: No information found.

    STOT-singleexposure: No information found.
    STOT-repeatedexposure: No information found.
    Aspiration hazard:No information found.                                                                        


    Section 12– Ecological Information






    Bioaccumulative Potential

    No data available

    Mobility in Soil

    According to the chemical composition, does not contain heavy metals and substances classified as dangerous for the environment.


    Section 13– Disposal Consideration



    Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. This material is not considered hazardous waste



    Section 14– Transport


    This product is not a hazardous material                      

    Section 15– Regulatory Information

    Hazardous Chemical Catalog

    International Maritime Dangerous Goods code

    Dangerous Good Number of United nations

    Technical instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous good by air

    Classification and code of danger goods

    Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

    The principle of classification of Transport Packaging Groups of Dangerous goods

    Globally Harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemical in accordance with local laws

    Section 16– Other Information



    All the information in the Material Safety Data Sheet is provided on the basis in good faith, and is believed to be trustworthy but is for reference only. Tong Shen cannot accept any liability for the results whatsoever arising from the use of Tong Shen’s products due that the utilization of these products is simply out of Tong Shen’s control. The users are responsible for selecting the suitability of the products and methods of use.

    Lash Lift  Step 3



    Fine Lashes - 6 minutes

    Medium lashes - 7 minutes

    Thick lashes - 8 minutes


    Remove all traces of makeup with a remover.

    Cleanse your client’s brows with a cleanser such as Prolong or PLA Sterile Cleanser.

    Dispense cleanser and use a disposable applicator to thoroughly clean the lashes and eye area.

    Rinse the lashes and eye area well to remove all traces of the cleanser.

    Apply Eyepad and Tape

    Apply eyepad and tape to protect the lower lashes and skin.

    Lash Lift Directions:

    Lash Lift Rod Application

    Select either Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod for desired curl, selecting the size according to the length of the natural lash.

    Using a clean applicator (do not double dip), coat the Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod with PLA Lash Lift & Brow Adhesive. This will allow the Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod to stay in place during application.

    Apply the Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod as close to the lash line as possible without gaps between the lash line and Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod.

    Hold the Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod down until it has set.

    Repeat on the second eye using a new applicator.

    Attaching lashes onto Standard or Flowers Lash Lift Rod

    Use a clean applicator and dip into the PLA Lash Lift & Brow Adhesive or the Ultimate Lash Lift Adhesive.

    Starting on the inner corner section, apply the Adhesive in a small section. Paint the natural lashes onto the Standard, Flex or Flowers Lash Lift Rod.

    Use the PLA Lifting Tool to pull the lashes onto the Lash Lift Rod, ensuring they stick. Then use a Y Comb or your Lifting Tool to straighten lashes and separate them to ensure they have not crossed over each other.

    Repeat for remaining lashes

    Note: do not apply too much adhesive otherwise it will take longer to set.

    Step 1: Perm

    Start timer, know that you should begin a timer for each step as you start, because lotions will begin working as soon as they are placed on the lashes.

    Dispense half the package of PLA Perm Lotion into a PLA Tint Dish.

    Starting on the inner corner, use a microbrush to quickly apply the PLA Perm Lotion to the base of the natural lash using a dabbing motion. Continue to bring the PLA Perm Lotion upwards to mid-lash, moving quickly. Keep Lotion away from the tips of the natural lash.

    Start timer and repeat on the second eye.

    Remove PLA Perm Lotion with a clean applicator, by wiping in an upwards motion to remove all Lotion. Repeat with the second eye when time is up.

    Step 2: Fix

    Start timer.

    Dispense half the package of PLA Fix Lotion into an unused well in the PLA Tint Dish

    Starting on the inner corner, use a micro brush or applicator to cover the entire lash with a generous amount.

    Start a timer and repeat on the second eye.

    After the timer ends, remove PLA Fix Lotion with a clean applicator, by wiping in an upwards motion to remove all Lotion. Repeat with the second eye when time is up.

    Step 3: Nourish

    If no tint is required, apply PLA Nourish Lotion with a clean applicator using the same timing for Step 1 and Step 2 on both eyes.

    Remove Lash Lift Rod from the eye.


    This product may cause severe allergic reaction This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16. Do not use after former allergic reactions. Wear suitable gloves during application. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Use for eyelashes only. This product is intended for professional use only. Do not use for self application.