Lash Lift Step-by-Step Process

Lash Lift

Do you find yourself talking to clients about the hassle of searching for that perfect mascara, only to find too many that are clumpy, messy, or flaky? Or maybe they find one that they love and it gets discontinued! So then you help them think through their options. While lash extensions can be a great way to get dramatic, full lashes, they can also be more costly and time-consuming than other services. That’s where today’s subject comes in — lash lifts! Lifts are a quick, easy way to achieve a beautiful, open look without having your client sitting in a chair for hours. We’re going to dive into what lash lifting is, a step-by-step breakdown of the process, and why you should definitely consider offering lash lifts to your clients. 

What is Lash Lifting?

The lash lift process can be thought of like a perm for your lashes! Lash lifts curl the entire lash so their full length stands up for about 6-8 weeks, so they are a temporary way to enhance the lashes your client already has. During a lash lift, a safe chemical serum or lotion is applied to the lashes in their desired curl and position. This solution softens the lashes, allowing the second setting solution to fix the lashes in place. Finally, a nourishing lotion is applied to keep the lashes healthy and strong. This entire process only takes a little over an hour, compared to the multiple hours an extension set might take. The look of a lash lift is also customizable, as you can help your client choose from various sizes of rods or shields.

Lash Lift Step-by-Step Process

Let’s get into the instructions on how to execute the entire lash lift process using the PLA Lash Lift Kit. 

Before starting the first step, you should take some time to assess your client’s lashes and decide how long they need for the lifting and setting steps. These times will be between 5-8 minutes per eye and will be equal for both steps. Compare your client’s lashes to the list below to make sure you don’t end up over-processing the lashes. 

  • Fine — 5 minutes
  • Medium — 6 minutes
  • Thick — 7 minutes
  • Very Thick — 8 minutes

You should also make sure your client’s lashes are clean, as any makeup, oils, or dirt could adversely affect the lifting process. The PLA Sterile Cleanser is an easy way to remove any unwanted debris or dead skin before starting the process. As always, please use proper eyepad placement and tape techniques to protect the client’s lower lashes and eye area while you work.

1. Applying the Shield or Rod

You and your client will select the shield or rod that best suits the length of the lashes and will give their desired look. Use a clean applicator to coat the shield or rod with the Lash and Brow Adhesive. Then place the shield or rod as close to the lash line as possible without any gapping between it and the lashes. Hold the shield or rod down until it has set, and then repeat the process on the other eye with a new applicator.

2. Attaching the Lashes to the Shield or Rod

Using a clean applicator, dip back into the Lash and Brow Adhesive. Apply the adhesive in small sections, starting at the inner corner. You can use a Lash Lifter Tool to place the lashes onto the shield or rod and ensure they stick before using a Y-Comb to straighten them. Make sure the lashes are not crossing over each other. Then repeat this process for the rest of the lashes for both eyes. Try not to apply too much adhesive, or the setting time will be way too long!

3. Lifting the Lashes

Once you’re ready to start actually lifting the lashes, you will dispense half of the PLA Perm Lotion onto a Tint Dish. Starting at the inner corner of one eye, use a Micro Brush to apply the Perm Lotion to the base of lash with a quick dabbing motion. Now you will start the timer for your chosen set time. Continue to bring the lotion upwards towards the middle of the lashes, being sure to keep going quickly. Make sure you don’t bring the lotion all the way to tips of the lashes! Then repeat this process on the rest of the lashes on both eyes. Once the timer is complete, remove the Perm Lotion in an upwards motion with a new applicator in the same order it was applied. 

4. Setting the Lashes

Now that the lashes have been lifted, they need to be set in place. Dispense half of the PLA Fix Lotion onto your Tint Dish. Again starting at the inner corner, use another Micro Brush to quickly apply the Fix Lotion with a dabbing motion to the base of the lash, moving quickly. Then start the timer again for the same length used in the previous step and continue to quickly bring the lotion up to the middle of the lashes along the eye; repeat this process for the other eye. Once the timer is up, remove the lotion with a new applicator.

5. Nourish the Lashes

The lashes have been lifted and set, so now they need to be taken care of. Using the same method as the previous 2 steps, apply the PLA Nourish Lotion to the lashes. Then remove the shield or rod and let your client admire their newly lifted lashes!

Lash Lift Aftercare

Lash Lift Aftercare

As with any service, inform your client to try to be gentle with their lashes after the process, including rubbing and sleeping. It is recommended to avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the lift. After about a day, mascara and other makeup can be used, but try to avoid using anything waterproof. Lash lifts are super easy to maintain, and are generally well-tolerated by the average client. Like other services, always speak to your client about any allergies or sensitivities they may have before starting the lift.

Why You Should Offer Lash Lifts

Beginner and experienced lash artists alike can benefit from offering a lash lift service to their clients. It’s always a good idea to expand your business so you can keep improving your skills and so your clients stay excited and loyal. Lash lifts are not difficult to learn and implement, and the longest part of the process is the waiting time, so this is a perfect service to add on. You can charge about $70 for a lash lift service, and as mentioned above, the length of the process is much shorter than that of an extension service. So go ahead and pick up some PLA Lash Lift Kits and get started!

PLA Lash Lift Kit

The PLA Lash Lift Kit comes with everything a lash artist needs to offer beautifully lifted lashes to their clients. The kit has enough product for up to 20 treatments, each lasting about 8 weeks.

The kit includes:

  • PLA Sterile Cleanser
  • 7 Sizes of Lash Lift Rods
  • PLA Lash Lift & Brow Adhesive
  • PLA Y-Comb
  • 10 Pack of PLA Perm Lotion
  • 10 Pack of PLA Fix Lotion
  • 10 Pack of PLA Nourish Lotion
  • 1 Pack of Micro Brushes
  • PLA Lifting Tool

Hopefully this has given you everything you need to start offering Lash Lifts to your clients! You can always reach out to our team if you have any questions or need more information. PLA wishes you the best on your lashing journey!